Two Quick Tension Reducers

September 10, 2017 at 9:43 AM 1 comment

Hi friends.

Two quick ways to reduce tension: smile and breathe. Sound too simple to be true? I assure you, you will notice a difference immediately.

ALL survivors of trauma carry in their bodies a hot mess of tension. They are overly prone to all the diseases provoked by stress: heart problems, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, headaches, gastro-intestinal issues, joint pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, auto-immune disorders — the list goes on and on. People who suffer from depression and anxiety are equally burdened by stress and tension.

Tense up your body on purpose. Clench your fists and your jaw. Generate as much muscle tightness as possible throughout your body. Now, smile. You cannot maintain the tension AND smile at the same time. (That thing where your lips turned up at the corners was not a smile.) No need to smile at anyone or anything, although that is always nice. Just smile. A hundred times a day would be a good start.

Breathing is another quick way to reduce tension. Trauma, anxiety and depression all take our breath away, literally. We breathe from our noses or our throats instead of our belly or diaphragm. Imagine how awful a singer would sound breathing from her nose or throat — there’d be no air for the notes of the song to float on. There is no air inside you, either, for you to float on. Put your hands on your belly and inhale. Push your belly into your hands as your insides fill with air. Now exhale. Slowly. Push your belly button back against your spine. Does that feel like what you do most of the time? Taking deep breaths is the number one thing you can do to avert a panic attack. The first thing we do when we enter this world is breathe. The last thing we do when we leave this world is take a final breath. How sad that we forget to breathe in-between

Smile and breathe. It’s a great beginning to living with less tension in your body. Next weekend we’re going to move from simple physical solutions to two techniques that combine physical and emotional stress reduction. Before we can move on to other ideas for healing from trauma (and anxiety and depression — I call them the Bermuda triangle — they’re a trap!) we have to release you from the HIGH ALERT your body has functioned on for years. That requires getting unstuck from the tension and stress which have unfortunately become normal for you. We’re here, working together, to create a kinder, gentler NEW NORMAL. Watch for next weekend’s post on opening the heart and welcoming what is.

Prayers and blessings as we journey toward peace – Susan

If you have things you’d like to talk about or have me write about, please leave suggestions.

(We are so sorry for the long absence here on the website. We have been battling health concerns and continue to do so. We deeply appreciate the prayers for Tony, his wife, and his family during this medical crisis.)



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Open your heart and Welcome what is

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  • 1. Marsha fields has  |  September 10, 2017 at 8:14 PM

    Glad to read this, Susan. Helpful reminders.


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